What you might want to know about me


Who am I:

Nancy Boehm, born in Toronto, Canada, where I spent the first six years of my life. My family moved to the north of Germany, where I grew up near the coast. My studies and my career lead me to move further south until I finally reached Munich, where I have lived for four years.


My Qualifications:

I hold a Diploma in Business Administration, specializing in Tourism. My past experience includes time spent as an exchange student in Spain, hotel trainee in Costa Rica, representative in Mexico and tour leader on a Nile Cruise. My career history includes long-term experience as a product manager.   I am fluent in English, German and Spanish (spoken and written) and I have a working knowledge of French.


What I like to do, when I am not working: 

I love nature and spend as much time as possible outdoors in all seasons. Running, cycling, swimming, hiking and cross country skiing are the activities I like most.

Further interests are movies, literature and travelling for sure. Researching and discovering new destinations and meeting people is something I enjoy very much.


Consulting, Contracting, Representation